We dedicate our time and effort in providing our clients the best value for their investment.


We are proud to be one of the fastest-growing real estate development companies in Vancouver. Founded by Sunny Dhillon in 2007, our commitment to homeowners and our leadership in the industry is driven by a desire to deliver exceptional quality and value in everything we do. To achieve this, we integrate development, management, marketing, and construction expertise to form a comprehensive development solution.


As a home builder and real estate developer, our vision is to create a legacy of integrity and trust through our passion for design, our eye for the utmost in quality, a focus on value, and a deep respect for our clients, team members, and with the people we work with in the industry.


While we are proud to create and build homes that provide long-term value to our homeowners, this commitment is not our only focus. We believe that what we do today will become the foundation of the future and that every effort has to be made to make that future better.

This belief is why every home we build is not only built with uncompromising quality that will stand the test of time but is also made to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the environment and the community around it. Simply put, our homes are built to a standard that endures for generations to come.

Expertise at Every Level.

The elevated level of quality and style of our homes comes from our expertise at every level of the home building process. Our hands-on approach to everything we do and building to standards that go far beyond the BC Building Code and other municipal regulations give our homeowners unmatched peace-of-mind.



Growing up next to entrepreneurial role models, Sunny Dhillon was exposed to the Real Estate Development industry at a young age. Sunny’s vision has always been focused on creating a recognizable brand that was based on his father’s belief in quality workmanship, value, and integrity. Building on the experience learned from his father, Sunny further expanded his knowledge through an in-depth study of Business Administration and Real Estate management. Sunny’s friendly approach, knowledge, and professionalism have gained his clients trust over the years. As a result of his solid foundation, DIMEX Group is becoming one of the fastest-growing Real Estate Development companies in Vancouver.



We dedicate many hours to researching and sourcing prime real estate investments to determine how to make the most of its potential and strategically plan its development. Once a comprehensive plan has been developed, we team up with architects to create a unique and innovative vision that enhances the living experience of future residents as well as contributes to the neighbourhood around it.


Our construction portfolio consists of commercial properties, residential condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, and single-family homes. By planning, managing, and controlling our construction operation, we ensure we have complete control over budgeting, scheduling, and most importantly, the quality of our properties we build.


The focus of our marketing team is guided by a desire to create innovative homes that are thoughtfully designed and welcoming with style and aesthetics. By emphasizing functionality to make everyday living effortless and by applying decades of experience our team ensures that every home and community we build comes from a comprehensive design process.


Our management capabilities are the heart of our operations and unite our divisions to create a seamless integration of our expertise. By implementing systematic scheduling and comprehensive resource distribution, we maximize the efficiencies and productivity of every project we develop.