The diverse story of Dimex Group

We dedicate our time and effort in providing our clients the best value for their investment.

About Dimex Group

We are proud to be one of the fastest growing Real Estate Development companies in Vancouver. Founded by Sunny Dhillon, Dimex was created to provide easy-to-implement solutions and leadership in the growing Vancouver development market. We bring years of experience and expertise to any development project by focusing on four main categories: Development, Management, Marketing and Construction.

Our vision here at Dimex is to grow within the multi-family development environment, building quality homes and communities. We aim to do so through our passion for design, our eye for quality, a focus on value and a respect for our clients and team members. With our promise and years of experience, Dimex Group establishes relationships with many other key service providers in the industry to produce a successful development project. With a solid foundation built on a knowledgeable, established, hard working and honest team, Dimex guarantees dependable quality service. We dedicate our time and effort to providing our clients with the best value for their investment.

Our Team

Sunny Dhillon

Growing up next to entrepreneurial role models, Sunny Dhillon was exposed to the Real Estate Development industry at a young age. Sunny’s vision has always been focused on creating a recognizable brand that was based on his father’s belief in quality workmanship, value and integrity.  Gaining field experience alongside his father, Sunny further expanded his knowledge through in-depth study of Business Administration and Real Estate management. Sunny’s friendly approach, knowledge and professionalism have gained his clients trust over the years. As a result of his solid foundation, Dimex Group is becoming one of the fastest growing Real Estate Development companies in Vancouver.

Roc Wu

Similar to Sunny, Roc was also exposed to the Real Estate and Development industry at a young age through his father. Learning about the business through his father’s company in China has allowed Roc to apply his expertise and further enhance the potential of the Vancouver’s Real Estate market.  Understanding the intricate details of financial investment while creating optimum value for home owners is one of Roc’s strongest assets.  Applying strong family roots and disciplines is what allows Roc to envision a successful path for each Real Estate development within the Asian community of Vancouver.  As an integral part of Dimex Group, Roc plans to apply his expertise and elevate each project to new heights.


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