Achieving excellence through four pillars of excellence

Development, Marketing, Management & Construction.

Our Core Services


Dimex Group dedicates many hours to researching and sourcing prime real estate investments. Opportunities within Vancouver and the lower mainland are examined to determine the best use of investment strategies. Once a plan is created for our investment property, we team up with established and professional architects who deliver unique and innovative designs that enhance the living experience of future residents.


Our marketing team is chosen based on their success, professionalism and proven track record to deliver results. Through comprehensive analysis and research our appointed marketing experts strive to create unique experiences that extend beyond the ordinary.


At Dimex we take pride in our management skills. We use systematic scheduling and appropriate distribution of resources to ensure efficient and superior coordination of tasks. From the development of real estate to management commercial retail spaces, our administrative team ensures that our investments are running efficiently and effectively.


Dimex’s growing construction portfolio consists mainly of commercial and low rise condominiums. We build anything from townhouses to single family homes, duplexes and commercial properties. By internally managing our construction operation, we have greater control over budgeting, scheduling and most importantly quality of our properties.


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